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Wicked feat. Mori Calliope

Artist Hoshimachi SuiseiHoshimachi Suisei
Composer GigaGiga
Featuring Mori CalliopeMori Calliope
Lyricist Hiromi, Mori CalliopeHiromi Mori Calliope
Uh uh...
Suisei! Calliope!

Aa mou doushiyou mo nai ya
High & low sekai wo toritai na
Kachi nigire koyoi eikou no Crown

Yea aa bucchake naishin hontou wa
Sekkyou to ka kanben desu wa
Aa shitten da yo ussai naa
"Sore tte joushiki desu yo" toka
Bakabakashii na
Zendai mimon
Na mon tsukutte'n datteba
Bring you to heaven

Road to be wicked
We just gotta break it
Uetsukerareteru RABERU
Utagae ima
Onore no seitousei to
Tatakau no
We ain't gonna fake it
Nobody can trick me
Kimi to mirai no tame
Mitsukete yuku'n da yo
A shining shining star
Todoki sou da

Don't try to take it from... me

Right now.
This a world where ya get WHAT 'Cha give
And I'm a girl of a whole lotta adjectives
A couple might say "stubborn, rude, hard to please"
And the crazys appraise me wit "secret sleaze"
Now guys, please.
I gave first to get a lot
Now I'm spittin' here with Suisei, burning hot
Shining star
'S bizarre
Can't ya see the scars?
We hit the grind, now we shine, look how goddamn far
We done came
A shame it's a numbers game
To some
Fun first, fame second
We ain't dumb.
Because we
Livin' in the moment and we own it, okay? We done?
Paving our way, for one
Aim to outshine the sun
Taming a loaded gun?
Give it a try.
Ya better pick a direction and RUN.
Without an alibi
You can't deny
That maybe you been sleepin'
Come on get a grip, here's a tip, don't stop dreamin'.

Road to be wicked
We just gotta break it
Uetsukerareteru RABERU
Utagae ima
Onore no seitousei to
Tatakau no

Totemo fushigi ne
Kimi to iru toki dake
Mune wo nadeoroseru no
Koushite Can you stay with me babe

Hoka no dare mo shiranai watashi misetari
Toki ga tomareba toka kangaete itari
Koikogareta yume no basho he kita no yo Long long way

Road to be wicked
We just gotta break it
Ue mireba tsugi no REBERU
Onore no monosashi de
Tsuzukeru no
Shiru tabi urete
Yasashisa oboe
Sorezore no shiawase
Mina wakatteku'n da yo
Just moving moving on
Sonna unmei da

Born to be wicked, and we aim to fly
Whether angels, or devils, it is do or die
No cap, kick it while the sound is hot
We broke backs just to get what we got

Ah.. Ay..

Born to be wicked and we aim to fly
Cuz we still ain't found that eternal sky
Ya know?

Sou umareta'n da

I'll find a way out
We movin' movin' on ya