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Sarah Àlainn

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Little Doll

Little Doll

Sono manazashi wa
Komorebi no you
Mada nanimo
Shiranai watashi wo ~Little Doll~
Mamotte kureteta
Kitto zutto

Demo kono saki wa
Yamanai ame mo
Tsumetai yozora mo
Jibun no te de

Kokoro wo ai ga mata
Kurushimeru nara

Sayonara wo ima
Tada uketomete
Hitori de aruku michi wo
Erabu tame ni

Sayonara wa
Atarashii kaze
Ashita ga
Hajimaru kara

Donna namida mo
Kawaite kureru
Oboeta chikara de
Itsuka sekai wa hirogaru
Kitto motto

Watashi no namae
Your Little Doll ja nai
Hitori de ikeru kara
Ima nara
A little doll in your arms
You guided her safe from harm
But my heart, tells me something's wrong
clear and loud, that it's now.
It's time to escape, time to be brave to say goodbye

Your little doll, she must rise
She needs to speak her own mind, feel with her heart.
So let her go.
If you love me, won't you let me be.

I have a voice. Must make a choice
There strings only make me blind

How I need to touch the world
But I'll miss your touch I know
This isn't me, this life you created
can't take it anymore.

Want to come alive
Want to see with my own eyes
When I arise
will you still need me that?

This little doll by your side
Can't promise you she'll abide
Listen to her heart, dreaming of life past these doors
Can't be yours
It's time to let go, time to say no. I'm on my own!

Your little doll she must go
This little doll that you know, can't stay for long
but will you still love her when she's gone?